Client & Colleague Testimonials

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We had the Visa interview yesterday, and it went very well. We were approved! After she receives the passport and visa, we’ll plan the trip up to Vegas. The practice interview you gave her made all the difference in the world. It really reduced her stress level, and all the questions were ones she was prepared for.

by J.D
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“The best law office in town for immigration matters. I received my visa and green cards without any problem, very fast! Highly recommend it!”

by L. R.
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“Mc Law were fantastic from the start to finish with our immigration case. Margo and all of the staff at MC Law were very helpful and willing to assist us at any time. I would definitely recommend MC Law to anyone. They made the process as smooth as possible. Thank you!”

by J. M. D.
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“It was my extreme pleasure to work with Margo, the service you provided and to the detail to which our file was prepared was exceptional. Margo clearly explained me in detail laws regarding E2 Visa. I found Margo very clear about various aspects of Immigration Laws during six months long dealing with. I always spoke to Margo directly if i had any questions regarding my business plan or any other papers. Margo sat with me before my interview and had one to one meeting with me, explained me what type of questions they can ask me. Which in fact gave me enough confidence so that i am here now with my family. Overall, i highly recommend Margo and i will be coming back again for my extension.”

by A. P.
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“When I asked their help for my immigration status, realize how caring they are unlike many other immigration attorneys, how PROFESSIONAL and how fair they work… always come up with very professional ideas to help you get your green card as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your help… Chernysheva Law office is definitely the best choice!!!”

by M. H.
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“They did the work for me in no time. Always called me with updates before I even asked and always gave me honest answers to my questions!

by E. P.
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My wife’s immigration situation was not exactly straight forward. MC Law Group gave me invaluable guidance on how to apply for and receive her green card. They were very patient with me in providing step by step how to’s and progress updates. Thank you Margo!!!”

by W. M.
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“Very efficient for immigration visa, got my E2 visa really Quick… Thanks a lot for your assistance…”

“I recommend the MC Law Group to anyone who needs professional and competent representation with an immigration case. It is stressful to go through the immigration process; however Ms. Chernysheva and her staff made me feel comfortable. Her knowledge on the subject matter gave me absolute confidence in her and the firm. The attention to detail, quality of work and responsiveness were excellent. I feel I received a great value and service.

To bring up some examples:

1. Ms. Chernysheva listened to all details of my case and clearly explained everything I needed to know and do to move the case along.

2. She took the time to respond to my many inquiries even after hours.

3. The staff walked me through the process of filling out the paper work and where to obtain necessary documents, fingerprints …etc.

4. She scheduled a “mock” interview to practice for the real interview situation, which I found very useful.

5. She was very flexible when scheduling meetings to accommodate my work schedule.

6. She was in the room and supported me during the actual interview.”

by L. H.
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“Dear Margo,

I had my interview today, this is the result:

I think you hold the record in processing an E2 visa application, 15 days!

I also think I hold the record for a personal interview for an E2 visa, around 4 minutes.

The conversation is too good not to be shared so I will tell you all when I next see you.

In less than 4 minutes the officer said: We took a look at your application, very thorough, very profound, absolutely perfect! Asked me two questions and said: Congratulations, you’re approved, please pick up your passport with your new visa tomorrow after 2 pm.

Thank you very much for a great job!

Best regards,

by R. D.
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Здравствуйте уважаемая Марго!

Хочу выразить бесконечную признательность и благодарность персонально Вам и, конечно, всему коллективу Вашей компании! Высокий уровень Вашего профессионализма, компетентности и безупречного сервиса привели нас к получению ВСЕХ необходимых документов до самой Гринкард. Это был не легкий путь с некоторыми нюансами, но благодаря Вашему личному вкладу и индивидуальному подходу к нашему делу, мы получили положительный результат! It was a pleasure work with MC Law Group! Thank you sooo much! Желаю Вам и Вашей компании успехов и процветания! Мы обязательно оставим отзывы на сайте и будем рекомендовать Вас как надежного эксперта в эмиграционных вопросах.
Спасибо! Мы очень счастливы и рады=)))))))

by G. L.
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One of the difficult challenges I have from time to time is locating a good immigration attorney in town. I finally found one that I am comfortable referring matters to. Please keep her in mind for all your immigration needs.

by J. C.
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Margo is highly professional and ethical. Great asset to our immigration lawyer community!

by A. F.
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Margo demonstrated superior sourcing abilities managing the travel and medical portfolios to bring maximum return on investment to the organization.

by O. C.
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Good morning Miss. Margo : first  i Want to said thank You so Much for you professional Help Yesterday,  i  was so happy the way you answer my question and be honest with Me.
Definitely  i do going to recommend any people Need Help whit immigration a Status you are so professional.

Thank you so much Again… And Have a Nice Day.

by E.M.
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Thank you Margo for your help. It took a little less than 5 months to complete all the necessary steps. What I read online 6-9 months is average. I honestly thought that my case would be complicated, but with you and your professional staff everything went nice and smooth. Anytime somebody asks me about becoming a citizen I will know whom to recommend 🙂 Thank you again!

by O.K.
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Dear Patricia,

Firstly I am so sorry for the delay in replying your email since we are traveling between states. I would like to thank you for Margo’s and your tremendous kind assistance for helping me to apply Diversity Visa Lottery Program. It is highly appreciated. I am so happy with your services and assistance.
I will continue to use your services for my future immigration needs.

Once again, Thank you so much for everything.

Best Regards

by R.H.
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Two days before yesterday I was in embassy for my interview. Officer there says I have great paperwork. I got my E2 visa. Interview was smooth and easy. I have to thank Margo and her team for that!
Margo is very smart, intelligent and helpful. She guide me through all process, which was not easy. Her team helped me with all paper work. They helped me to fill all forms, they told me exactly what I need. Before Margo I met couple other lawyers and I know exactly she is the best. She return all my calls and emails, she answered all my questions and I had a lot!
I will be back to Margo with all my immigration needs!
I can highly recommend her!

by M.I.
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We Would like to thank Mrs. Margo for her professional Help.
We went to consult her regarding a family member’s visa issues. We were very happy the way she & her staff helped us & answered all of our questions and gave us all the professional advice. We would highly recommend her to our family & friends.

by A.M.
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Hello just wanted to tell you thank you for helping us and being patient. I know I’ve been in stress a lot lately a lots happening and it’s been a rough year financially but i do appreciate you helping us and being so nice. Warmest regards…

by S.J.
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Je suis très satisfait du service, j’ai peu assisté à une prise total de mon dossier en peu de temps et dans une grande efficacité, je tiens à énumérer  que l’aide fournit m’a été précieuse, et que les réponses à mes questions ont été prises en un rien de temps

by N.A.
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Right from my first consultation with Margo Chernysheva, I knew I had found the right lawyer not only to work my case but represent me all the way to the finish line. While my case may have been straight forward, Margo and her team’s thoroughness and extra care ensured that my n-400 application was properly prepared, reviewed, corrected, and then sent off. The personal touch and incredible professionalism throughout the process gave me the confidence and assurance that choosing McLaw group as my representation was the right one.

by P.M.
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On behalf of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and the clients it serves, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you for supporting the Pro Bono Project by volunteering your time and legal services to Zoya Ponomareva, Galina Shapiro, & Ilya Shapiro.   Your pro bono work not only impacts the lives of individuals in our community, but it also enables us to expand the reach of our programs well beyond what we would be able to do alone.

by S.F.
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From all lawyers I’ve talked to in the last 2 years, you seemed the most professional and honestly the smartest one I’ve ever met. I’d like it very much to work with you on our cases.
Thanks again!

by O.R.
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Calling M/C Law Group was by far one of the best decision I’ve ever made, my family and I are beyond happy right now. My green card came in yesterday already, I couldn’t believe it. Please tell Margo thank you from all of us. And thank you for all your hard work.

by L.R.