Las Vegas Immigration Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accused of a Criminal Immigration Offense?

Las Vegas Immigration Criminal Defense LawyerAnyone accused of violating U.S. immigration law faces stiff penalties. If convicted of these crimes, citizens face serious fines and jail time, while non citizens face these same sanctions plus the possibility of deportation, depending on the severity of the offense and the history of the offender.  Businesses found guilty of violating U.S. immigration policy can also be held accountable for criminal behavior by being forced to pay fines to the government or, for serious offenses, being forced to shut down entirely. Common charges faced by non citizens include staying in the country illegally and helping others to stay in the country illegally, while migration charges common against U.S. citizens include illegal hiring of undocumented workers and failure to maintain appropriate records of immigrant employees. If you or your business has been charged with a crime relating to immigration, request a consultation with an experienced Las Vegas criminal immigration defense lawyer at MC Law Group today.

Several Possible Outcomes

The law is not at all black and white, especially when a case goes to trial.  The facts of each individual case will weigh heavily on the type of outcome that a person might be able to expect from felonious charges.  For a more clear idea of exactly what he or she may be up against, anyone accused of a criminal immigration offense should immediately contact the professional legal team of MC Law Group for advice.

Credentialed and Experienced

Our attorneys are credentialed, experienced professionals who can provide sound legal advice in nine different languages including Russian, Armenian, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. We have years of experience providing immigration services to and seeking justice for immigrants. Although we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have helped immigrants from all over the world fight their U.S. legal battles and have helped countless American businesses respond to  criminal immigration charges.  Our lawyers have a track record of success that anyone facing United States criminal immigration charges will want in their corner.

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