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Visas for Investors

Basic E-1 and E-2 Investor Visas

Individuals with a business reason for wanting to enter the United States may be issued validations so they can conduct business – so long as the applicant’s country of origin is one which the United States maintains a commercial agreements or treaties with. To see if you meet the requirements, contact one of the experienced immigration lawyers in Las Vegas at the MC Law Group.

Visas Based on Employment

H-1B Visas for Holders of Specialty Occupations

Professionals with a bachelor’s degree or higher, or equivalent professional experience might qualify for a nonimmigrant visa if the applicant’s employer can demonstrate payment of prevailing wage to the applicant.

J-1/Q-1 Visas for Exchange Visitors

Foreign citizens coming to America as part of an exchange program might qualify for a J-1 or Q-1 visa. These types of programs regularly cover scholars, students, professors, business trainees, and others. Sometimes, participating in an authorized exchange program will require the visa holder to leave the U.S. for no less than two years before switching to another type of visa or residency status.

L-1 Visas for Intra-Company Transfers

These visas are intended for executives and other specialized workers transferring to a U.S. based affiliate of their employer.

O-1 Visas for Workers with Extraordinary Abilities

This category of visa is intended for foreigners with extraordinary talents – this includes scientists, athletes, business professionals, and entertainers. To see if you quality, speak with a dedicated Las Vegas immigration attorney.

P Entertainment Visas

Intended for alien artists, entertainers, athletes, their children under 21 and spouses. P validations are classified as:

P-1: for members of internationally recognized teams or groups. Capped at 25,000 issued every year.

P-2: for entertainers or artists performing as part of a cultural/national exchange.

P-3: for entertainers or artists performing under a culturally unique program.

P-4: for children under 21 and spouses of other P series visa holders.


Special visas for citizens of Mexico and Canada are allowed under certain conditions of NAFTA, in an effort to promote trade and commerce between the countries.

B-1 & B-2 Visitor’s Visa

Perhaps the most common type of visa issued, B-1/B-2 validations are issued for both business and pleasure. Most of these validations will be good for 90 days, but extensions to this limit may be granted on a case by case basis. Helping visitors navigate the often complex visa application process is just one of the immigration services offered by MC Law Group.

Visas for Students

F-1/M-1 Visas for Students

Foreign students may qualify for a student visa good for the length of their studies. Helping international students earn a student visa is one of the immigration services that MC Law Group is proud to offer.

K-1 Visas for Fiancées

A fiancée of an American citizen may qualify for a nonimmigrant visa conditional on marriage within three months of date of issuance.

Temporary Visas

R-1 Visas for Religious Workers
Members of religious organizations may qualify a visa series R-1.

Permanent Residency (“Green Cards”)

EB-5 Visas for Investors and Job Creators

The United States allows the issuance of as many as 10,000 investor validations annually to foreign citizens who want to invest a substantial amount of capital into the American economy.

Visas Based on Employment

EB-1: For Foreigners with Extraordinary Abilities
Individuals deemed to have “extraordinary abilities” may qualify for this type of visa without a labor certification.

EB-2: For Foreigners with Higher Education or Exceptional Skill in Art, Science, or Business
For foreign workers of value to the U.S. economy but for whom a labor certification must be conducted before a visa will be issued.

EB-3: For Skilled Professionals and Workers
For foreign workers with an offer for a job from a U.S. business and whose employer can successfully complete labor certification.

EB-4: For Employees / Workers of Religious Organizations
Members of religious organizations might qualify to become a permanent resident of the U.S.

Visas for Diversity

DV-1: For Promotion of Diversity, a.k.a., the Green Card Lottery
The government sets aside 55,000 residency validations per year for foreigners from countries underrepresented in American society and awards those validations by random lottery. Helping foreign nationals join this lottery is one of the immigration services that the attorneys of MC Law Group are happy to provide.


Applications for Refugee or Asylum Status
Persons who fear persecution in their home country on the basis of religion, race, political opinion, or certain other allowed factors, may qualify for refugee or legal asylum status.

Family Sponsorship

A lawful resident is one who is a foreigner granted permission to live and work permanently in the U.S.

Becoming a lawful resident based on having an American citizen or permanent resident relative in America is possible, but the American or resident will have to sponsor the applicant and prove that he or she has the assets or income to support the immigrant while in the country. Both the immigrant and sponsor will have to comply with certain requirements in the visa application process before admission will be granted.

Two categories of visa exist for family members; immediate relative validations in addition to family preference visas, as provided by U.S. immigration law. Among the immigration services MC Law Group offers is helping families navigate U.S. immigration law so they can be together in the U.S.

Immediate Relative Visas (Unlimited):
Intended for those with a familial relationship to an American citizen. These validations are not capped by the government. Types of immediate relative validations include

  • IR-1: For spouses of American citizens
  • IR-2: For unmarried children, under 21, of American citizens
  • IR-3: For orphans adopted outside the U.S. by an American citizen
  • IR-4: For foreign orphans in the U.S. adopted by an American citizen
  • IR-5: For parents of Americans, 21 years old or older.

Visas of Family Preference (Limited):
Intended for certain distant family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. The number of these visas that are issued every year is capped by law, as represented by the figures below.

1st Preference (F1): For unwed children of American citizens, as well as their own children, under 21. (23,400)

2nd Preference (F2): Husbands or wives, children under 21, and unwed children over the age of 21 of permanent residents. (114,200)

3rd Preference (F3): For Married sons & daughters of American citizens, spouses and children less than 21 years of age. (23,400)

4th Preference (F4): For siblings of American citizens, their husbands or wives, and their children under 21. (65,000)

Numerical Limitations

When qualified applicants outnumber the number of available validations that can be issued, the available validations are issued as they were filed. In some categories with several approved petitions, waiting periods of more than several years might occur.

Visas for Returning Immigrants (SB)
Permanent residents, who remain abroad for longer than one year, or beyond the period stated on a permit, will need a new visa to enter the country and resume permanent residency. The government is authorized to issue to a former permanent resident a special visa just for returning residents when that person remained outside the United States for reasons outside of the returning resident’s control. Helping you apply for returning resident validations is just one of the immigration services that MC Law Group offers.

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