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Musicians and entertainers who want to obtain O series and P series visas have a trusted partner in the staff of MC Law Group. United States immigration law divides these specific types of entertainment visas into two categories:

O-1 visas may be issued to qualified entertainers and artists with a recognized extraordinary skill or ability. Extraordinary skills and abilities in science, art, business, or education may also be considered.

P-1 visas may be issued to qualified performers, athletes, and artists seeking to temporarily enter the U.S. in order to perform or compete in a specific performance, competition, or sports event.

Las Vegas is a city that’s full of international entertainers, artists, and performers – a fact that positions our firm very well to help foreign nationals who want to come to the U.S. to display their talents. O-1/P-1 entertainment visa applicants are encouraged to contact MC Law Group for guidance and counsel on the immigration process.

Contact a Well Respected O-1/P-1 Lawyer in Nevada

Our law group’s experienced and credentialed immigration attorneys are ready and willing to offer advice to entertainers, musicians and athletes from all over the world as they pursue a visa to gain entrance to and reside in the U.S. Our attorneys thoroughly and diligently complete the necessary paperwork, paying close attention fee requirements and filing deadlines, while communicating clearly with the client and authorities on what is legally expected of both. We have successfully handled several difficult cases that involved foreign musicians and entertainers and we know exactly what each and every entertainment visa applicant is up against.

As necessary, we are prepared to help qualified O-1/P-1 applicants and visa holders who may have trouble entering the country at U.S. entry ports. If you are an immigrant in the state of Nevada who holds an O-1/P-1 visa and is facing deportation, our team can also be of assistance. Anyone interested in applying for or renewing an entertainment visa, or current O-1 and P-1 holders at risk of deportation, should contact the staff of MC Law Group to make an appointment to speak with a credentialed immigration attorney today. Call the number 702-258-1093 or fill out the form on this site to speak to a dedicated Las Vegas immigration attorney.

Although based in Las Vegas, Nevada, our staff is able to communicate with clients in eight different languages; English, Armenian, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, French, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog. Contact our lawyers in Las Vegas today to learn more about our immigration services.