Las Vegas Family Immigration Attorney

When Legal Worlds Collide

America’s courts continue to struggle with figuring out how to reconcile family and migration law.  When a person is subjected to both family law and immigration law, a state custody order may be pitted against a deportation order in a battle of orders that leaves families wondering about their very futures. If you are currently dealing with these legal issues, contact a dedicated attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada who has years of experience handling immigration cases.

Experienced Family Immigration Counsel

Navigating the waters of family or United States immigration law is difficult enough without having to worry about how to understand both at the same time.  The attorneys of MC Law Group, from their offices in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV, can provide sound legal advice on any family related immigration issue for clients from all over the world.

After reviewing a case, an experienced Las Vegas family immigration attorney of MC Law Group will get to work helping the client with his or her specific family immigration issue. Our attorneys and staff can provide legal advice in nine languages including Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog, so advice can be given in whatever language the client feels most comfortable with.

Family Issues Handled

Las Vegas Family Immigration Attorney

In addition to providing representation for immigrants dealing with matters of family law, our attorneys can also help current visa holders and permanent residents get visas for their foreign family members – whether the family member is already in the U.S. or not.  They can also help foreign citizens living in the U.S. with U.S. marriages, divorces, and adoptions.

With the credentialed and experienced Las Vegas immigration lawyers of MC Law Group on their side, anyone dealing with general and family related immigration issues is sure to get top notch service from a team of legal professionals with an extensive track record of success – just ask any of our firm’s many satisfied former clients.

Anyone who is unsure about whether or not our immigration law firm can help with their specific migration issue is encouraged to contact us by phone or filling out the form on this website today.  After hearing some of the basic facts, we can make a determination about the kind of help and immigration services we can offer.