Glendale Family Visa Lawyer

Glendale family visa lawyerFamily visas are generally available to the close relatives of U.S. citizens and U.S. lawful permanent residents. A citizen or lawful permanent resident can sponsor a close relative for immigration purposes. Family visas are unlimited for certain immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, but there is an annual cap on the number of visas offered to the relatives of lawful permanent residents and the extended family members of U.S. citizens. MC Law Group’s attorneys, working from our offices in California and Nevada, are ready and able to provide family immigration advice and services to clients and their family members who want to live and work in the United States. If you are trying to reunite your family in the U.S., speak at once with a Glendale family ratification lawyer.


Put our legal knowledge and years of experience to work for you. The experienced Glendale immigration attorneys at MC Law Group provide assistance obtaining:

1. K-1 fiancée visas: These are the visas for immigrants who wish to enter the U.S. with the intent of marrying a U.S. citizen. To be eligible, the ceremony must be conducted within three months of the date the visa is issued. After the marriage, the immigrant-spouse can request a status adjustment to conditional permanent resident. After two years in conditional permanent resident status, the immigrant-spouse can obtain a green card.

2. Immigrant resident visas: These are the visas for the husbands and wives of American citizens (the IR-1 visa), the unmarried and under-21 sons and daughters of American citizens (the IR-3 visa), international adoption (IR-3 and IR-4) and for the parents of American citizens (the IR-5 visa).

3. Family preference visas: These are the visas for the unmarried children of American citizens and their children (the F-1 visa), the husbands, wives, and minor children of legal permanent residents (the F-2 visa), married children and their children (the F-3 visa), and for siblings of lawful permanent residents, their spouses, and their children (the F-4 visa).


When foreign citizens who are in the U.S. through marriage to a U.S. citizen begin a divorce process, the immigrant spouse should contact an experienced immigration attorney at once. In many cases, MC Law Group can help those who gained residency through marriage to stay in the U.S. even after the marriage is dissolved. MC Law Group has years of experience helping families reunite, remain, and prosper in the United States. Call today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Glendale family visa lawyer. MC Law Group can provide assistance in English, Armenian, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog. Email us or call us today at (702) 258-1093.