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The H-1B visa allows employers in the U.S. temporarily to hire foreign workers in “specialty” occupations. Only 60,000 H-1B visas are issued to American companies every fiscal year. Foreign citizens seeking work in the U.S. must submit applications for the H-1B visa on April 1st. In 2013, 120,000 applications had been received by April 2nd, so a lottery system was used to distribute the available H-1B visas. The H1B visa application is quite complex and takes about 3 months to complete. Don’t hesitate to contact MC Law Group for help and advice regarding H1B visa applications and other immigration services. We represent foreign workers and their sponsoring employers so that workers can remain in the U.S. and keep working without facing deportation.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 defines a “specialty occupation” as employment requiring specialized knowledge in a particular field and requiring a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. (Fashion models are excluded from the degree requirement but must be “of distinguished merit and ability.”) H-1B work-authorization is restricted to employment provided by a sponsoring employer.

H1B Visa Work Authorization

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H-1B work-authorization will not make you a permanent resident; it is temporary and only good for three years, however it may be extended to six years. Exceptions to that maximum length may apply in some cases. If an H-1B visa holder submits an I-140 immigrant petition or a labor certification before the fifth anniversary of originally receiving the H-1B visa, he or she may renew the H1B visa in one-to-three-year increments until a decision is reached regarding his or her green card application. An H-1B ratification holder with an approved I-140 may be entitled to a three-year extension of the H-1B visa if the visa holder is unable to complete the green card process due to his or her priority date not being current.

After six years, H-1B ratification holders who want to keep working in the US but who have not yet received a green card must stay outside of the US for a full year before reapplying for the H1B visa. H-1B visa regulations do not require the ratification holder to remain at the sponsored job for a specific length of time. This facilitates H-1B “portability,” so long as a new employer sponsors another H-1B visa.

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