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Whether they’re an employer or potential employee, anyone with employment sponsored immigration questions is welcome to get in touch with our firm, which is based in the city of Las Vegas, to make a consultation appointment with one of our experienced attorneys. An experienced Las Vegas employment immigration lawyer can help foreign nationals obtain or renew:

  • L-1 visas, for intra-company transfers
  • H-1B visas for professionals in specialty occupations
  • H-2B visas for seasonal/temporary employment
  • P1/P2 visas for entertainers

We regularly provide assistance to employees who want to switch employers while continuing to work under the same type of visa and to those who want to switch from H series to L series visas, or vice versa.

Working with an experienced and capable Las Vegas employment immigration lawyer is as important as ever. The time in which an application is submitted will be absolutely crucial because immigration laws cap the amount of certain visas that can be awarded each year. Also, the rate of approval for new visa applications can fluctuate due to the current state of political affairs in the country, and applicants need someone on their side who knows how to react to those changes accordingly. MC Law Group has all of the dedication and qualifications that potential clients are looking for in an immigration law firm. Our attorneys are prepared to advise and assist potential employment visa applicants as they navigate the often-confusing area of immigration policy.

Margo did a very good job for my husband and I for our E2 Visa. We had an appointment recently with Josh Griffin and he is very very competent, helpful, he answered all our questions and gave us many possibilities. He took time to explain everything to us, I really appreciate what he did for us. I recommend MC Law Group at 100%. – Jinie Vegas

One of the things that MC Law Group clients often need help with is verifying and documenting key requirements of the L-1 and H-1/H-2 visa application process. Our attorneys can provide this help to ensure the speediest application response time possible. Key requirements that usually need to be verified include:

  • An employment offer from an American company
  • Employment in a special occupation for a visa type H-1B
  • Certification of temporary labor for a visa type H-2B

P Series, H Series, and L Series Visa Lawyer for French, Chinese, Russian, and Other Immigrants

Clients from all around the world have been helped by the employment immigration staff of MC Law Group, a team of business immigration professionals. From offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, our firm has helped several clients obtain P, H-1, L-1, and other types of visas. By presenting industry specific and occupationally technical information that is unique to each person, we have helped pave a smooth path to an employment visa for many of our most satisfied clients.

Whether the employer or employee is or is not already present in the United States, inquiries from employers and employees are always invited by MC Law Group. Call directly or complete the form on this website to contact a professional Las Vegas employment immigration attorney on our staff to set up a consultation. Our team has years of experience providing immigration services to clients, including assistance with deportation and removal hearings, investor visas, fiance visas, and I-9 compliance for businesses.

Our Las Vegas immigration lawyers are able to provide sound legal counsel in the languages of English, Armenian, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog.