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Israel Approves E-2 Investor Visa

Posted on: September 15, 2014 by in investment, visas
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Israel Approves E-2 Investor VisaEarlier this year, the Israeli government finally approved the E-2 investor validation for Israeli entrepreneurs who want to take their investments to America. Approval by Israel’s government also means that Americans seeking to invest in Israeli businesses will be eligible for a comparable Israeli visa. The E-2 or “treaty investor” validation allows individuals to enter the U.S. to invest in a new or existing business enterprise. The investor needs to prove that the business will generate profits and provide jobs to U.S. citizens. Obtaining an E-2 visa, however, is a complicated process with plenty of potential for mistakes and misunderstandings that can delay approval of your visa petition. Investors seeking the E-2 visa should not hesitate to obtain help from our experienced E-1 E-2 investor lawyers who can review your validation petition and other pertinent documents for thoroughness and accuracy.

The E-2 visa program requires investment in an active U.S. business; stock and bond holders are therefore ineligible. In fact, a significant investment must be made prior to filing for the E-2 visa. If you are already in the United States, an E-2 validation applicant must complete form I-129 for a change of status. To avoid any mistakes, let a good immigration lawyer complete or review the paperwork for you. Upon Israel’s approval of the reciprocal validation agreement between Israel and the U.S., Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar told Ynet News, “The U.S. is a major economic partner for Israel. It is the main source of foreign investment in Israel and is at the same time one of the major destinations for investments by Israelis.”

Investors should know that an E-2 visa is not a substitute for an immigrant visa. Persons wishing to remain permanently in the United States must apply for the appropriate immigrant visa abroad or apply for an adjustment of status after entering the United States. Spouses and children under 21 may obtain derivative E-2 visas to accompany or follow the principal validation holder to the United States. If you are a foreign national investor interested in investing here, a good immigration lawyer can answer your questions and determine if the E-2 is the right validation for you. Legal questions and complications are always part of obtaining a visa, so do not hesitate to obtain first the counsel and services of an experienced E-1 E-2 investor attorney.

E-2 Investor Visa vs. EB-5 Investor Visa

Posted on: August 30, 2013 by in EB-5, visas
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bigstock-Passport-Gavel-5802855In an effort to promote American economic growth, the U.S. government issues visas to foreign investors who want to invest in U.S. based businesses and enterprises. There are two types of investor visas currently available to foreign citizens, the E-2 financier visa and the EB-5 financier visa.

EB-5 Investor Visa

The EB-5 financier visa is available to foreign citizens who invest a “substantial” amount of capital into a U.S. based business, which is generally $1 million, but can be reduced to $500,000 if the investment is made into a Targeted Employment Area, which is an area that is deemed to be in high need of economic stimulation and job growth. This program further requires that the investment creates at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers if made into a new business, or that the investment expands the net worth or work force of a business already in operation by at least 40%.

The investment can be made directly into a qualifying business venture by the financier on his or her own, or invested into a regional center, which is a private business entity that exists to direct EB-5 investment funds in specific geographic locations on behalf of foreign investors. To qualify for the EB-5 investor visa, an financier need not have any actual control over how the funds are spent or how a business is operated, which makes it an attractive option for foreign citizens who have money to invest but who don’t want to be responsible for directing funds and operations on their own.

E-2 Investor Visa

The E-2 financier visa is a visa specified for investors from treaty nations, that is, nations with which the United States maintains an active treaty of commerce. To qualify for an E-2 financier visa, the individual requesting the visa must be a citizen of a treaty nation, must have the intention of entering the United States for the sole purpose of developing and directing the investment, and must have at least a 50% ownership stake in the investment enterprise or exercise at least 50% control of the business operation by means of a management or corporate officer position.

Unlike the EB-5 investor visa, the E-2 investor visa does not detail a specific amount of capital which must be invested into a business in order to meet requirements. The program states that the investment must be substantial, which is interpreted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as in relation to the cost of buying or establishing a qualifying enterprise, as sufficient to sustain successful operations, and of such a magnitude to support the likelihood of the investor actually and successfully developing and directing the enterprise. In other words, the less expensive it is for the investor to get started in an enterprise, the lower the amount of an investment the investor will have to make in order to qualify for the E-2 visa.

Attorney Advice Should be Sought

While these are the basics of the EB-5 and E-2 investor visa programs, an experienced E-1 E-2 investor attorney should still be consulted for specific guidance on meeting visa requirements and on applying for the visa through the government.