Earlier this year, the Israeli government finally approved the E-2 investor validation for Israeli entrepreneurs who want to take their investments to America.

Approval by Israel’s government also means that Americans seeking to invest in Israeli businesses will be eligible for a comparable Israeli visa. The E-2 or “treaty investor” validation allows individuals to enter the U.S. to invest in a new or existing business enterprise. The investor needs to prove that the business will generate profits and provide jobs to U.S. citizens.

Obtaining an E-2 visa, however, is a complicated process with plenty of potential for mistakes and misunderstandings that can delay approval of your visa petition. Investors seeking the E-2 visa should not hesitate to obtain help from our experienced E-1 E-2 investor lawyers who can review your validation petition and other pertinent documents for thoroughness and accuracy.

The E-2 visa program requires investment in an active U.S. business; stock and bond holders are therefore ineligible. In fact, a significant investment must be made prior to filing for the E-2 visa. If you are already in the United States, an E-2 validation applicant must complete form I-129 for a change of status.

To avoid any mistakes, let a good immigration lawyer complete or review the paperwork for you. Upon Israel’s approval of the reciprocal validation agreement between Israel and the U.S., Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar told Ynet News, “The U.S. is a major economic partner for Israel. It is the main source of foreign investment in Israel and is at the same time one of the major destinations for investments by Israelis.”

Investors should know that an E-2 visa is not a substitute for an immigrant visa. Persons wishing to remain permanently in the United States must apply for the appropriate immigrant visa abroad or apply for an adjustment of status after entering the United States.

Spouses and children under 21 may obtain derivative E-2 visas to accompany or follow the principal validation holder to the United States. If you are a foreign national investor interested in investing here, a good immigration lawyer can answer your questions and determine if the E-2 is the right validation for you. Legal questions and complications are always part of obtaining a visa, so do not hesitate to obtain first the counsel and services of an experienced E-1 E-2 investor attorney.