For the longest time, Las Vegas has been celebrated for its world-renownedrestaurants next to casinos all over the city. From delightful pizzerias to impeccable burger joints frequently visited by chefs from around the globe, Las Vegas is home to many great restaurants you can only find in Sin City. Let’s look at some of them.


Jaleo is one of the latest restaurants to open in the city of Las Vegas. It belongs to Jose Andres, a celebrity chef who owns another restaurant by the same name in Washington DC. This restaurant focuses on tapas. Patrons can have a taste of unique flavors that are synonymous with the celebrity chef. Delicious options such as paella, peppered hanger steak on the grill, and fresh salmon with a dash of lemon oil are available. But don’t forget to pair your meal with one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails or sangria.

Bach Burger Restaurant

This restaurant offers six different types of burgers which have a blend of shrimp, pork pate, beef, and pork. The addition of fresh basil, mint, and lemongrass make a delicious burger. At the same time, the sauces made from quality fish and ingredients, and add a distinct flavor to the meal. These burgers taste delicious and are pleasing to the eye.

The Bartolotta

Bartolotta is an Italian restaurant specializing in seafood. It is famous for its high-end fish which is normally caught in Italy and flown to Las Vegas every day. The various types of seafood dishes available at the Bartolottainclude the silver-flecked fish, glistening snapper, and the spiny scorpion. Select the fish of your choice and have it prepared however you like; it can be roasted or grilled. The chef will also add white truffles to any meal for $85 more.

For starters, there are many options, including a sauté of baby clams with a wine of your choice, garlic, spiced anchovies, and tomatoes. You can also start off with a savory charcoal-grilled saber fish that’s Sicilian. Their soft octopus is impeccable too. If you are looking for a memorable experience, try the snapper drizzled with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. You will not be sorry!

Joel Robuchon

This classy French restaurant’s location is at the MGM Grand. Guests are treated like royalty. After making reservations, you will be picked up by a limousine and driven to the entrance of MGM at the Mansion. You will then be taken to a large room for dining. The room can host up to 50 guests at a time; its interiors are adorned in gold and purple décor to accent the dining room. Prepare yourself for an elegant dining experience you will only find in Las Vegas.

The restaurant’s tasting menu has 16 courses which will cost you $385 per guest. The courses consist of crab meat, fennel cream, Ossetra caviar, ravioli made from egg-yolk with spinach foam, and chanterelles. A white burgundy paired with the grilled lobster is heavenly. The bread here has an impeccable taste to it, made with butter from Brittany.


This restaurant is located in a mall along Spring Mountain Road, in what is considered the Chinatown of Las Vegas. AburiyaRaku (or RAKU, as it is sometimes called) opened its doors to the public in 2008. It specializes in different charcoal-grilled vegetables and meat. Raku’s menu is impressive with dishes such as poached eggs with sea urchin from Santa Barbara, smooth custard with smoother foie, prawns fried to your liking, and Japanese tofu. These dishes are loved by all foodies who visit Raku. Most of its clients are celebrity chefs.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, Las Vegas has something for you. Make reservations and experience some of the city’s world-class restaurants.