If you are an employer in the United States and your business hires international workers, you may need help understanding and complying with a number of complicated, employment-related immigration laws. If you are an employer who could use some help and advice about achieving compliance, or if you are being cited by the government for a violation, obtain the legal help that you need by contacting an experienced Las Vegas migration attorney immediately.

As you probably know, from the fields to the packing plants to the kitchens of thousands of U.S. restaurants, Spanish-speaking immigrants from Mexico and Central America are essential to the agricultural and food service industries in the United States. Agricultural and food service workers also constitute a large percentage of those deported each year by the U.S. government.

International workers in any job in the United States must be paid a legal wage based on the prevailing wages in the industry and region. When employers pay a lower wage – because they can – to workers who lack documentation, it’s a violation of the law. Since 2009, migration officials have audited more than 13,000 U.S.-based employers primarily in the agricultural and food service industries. Many of these employers have paid substantial fines to the government. Employers who want to avoid investigations and fines can learn how to become fully compliant with the help of an experienced Las Vegas migration attorney.

Let a trustworthy immigration lawyer answer all of your questions and address your concerns regarding immigration-related employment laws. Immigration laws are changing all the time, so you need an attorney who stays up-to-date – someone who handles migration matters routinely and exclusively. If you are a U.S.-based employer, and if you hire international workers in agriculture, food service, or any other industry, obtain the legal advice and services you need and contact an experienced Las Vegas employment immigration attorney as quickly as possible.