U.S.-based businesses deserve the very best employees, and sometimes the best employee happens to be someone from another country. If you’re an employer, what happens if you find the perfect candidate for a special position, but that person is the citizen of another nation?

How do you even begin to comply with the many confusing laws, rules, and regulations set forth by the Department of Labor, the Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security? Where do you start? A genuinely good immigration lawyer will have plenty of hands-on experience guiding employers through the complicated process of hiring workers from other nations.

The counsel and services of an experienced migration  attorney are a wise and probably inevitable investment for any employer in the global 21st-century marketplace. An experienced immigration attorney will:

  • help employers determine the migration  categories suitable for your employees
  • advise employers regarding the various requirements for employee sponsorship
  • represent employers to the U.S. Citizenship and migration  Services (USCIS)
  • handle requests for evidence, notices of intent to revoke, and notices of intent to deny
  • advise on compliance, U.S. Department of Labor audits, and USCIS site visits
  • provide internal audits to determine if your H-1B and I-9 records are compliant
  • defend employers in any federal immigration-related investigations

Employers in today’s economy need more foreign-born workers, and the desire of foreigners to enter and work in the United States is as strong as it has ever been. Legal complications always surround immigration-related employment matters, so U.S-based employers should not hesitate to obtain the advice and services of an attorney experienced in migration law.

If you employ foreign nationals, or if you plan to hire foreign-born workers in the future, don’t go another day without the legal help and advice of an experienced immigration attorney.