Immigration law is taken very seriously in the United States, which is why anyone accused of violating immigration law should let an attorney represent his or her legal interests.

American citizens who violate migration law face the risk of fines, business sanctions, and jail time, while foreign citizens who violate America’s immigration laws face practically the same risks, along with the risk of deportation back to his or her country of origin.

How U.S. Citizens can Violate Immigration Law

When an American citizen is accused of violating migration  law, it is generally related to the American’s business activity. While hiring of foreign citizens is allowed in U.S. businesses, there are several rules which must be followed that apply directly to businesses engaged in hiring and employing foreign citizens. If these requirements are not met, the American citizen runs the risk of attracting the attention of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

How Foreign Citizens Violate Immigration Law

Because of their status as a foreign citizen living in the United States, immigrants are held to several standards which do not apply to U.S. citizens. For example, an immigrant  who was granted entry to the United States for the purpose of receiving an education must remain an active student in order to comply with migration requirements. Likewise, an immigrant granted entry to the United States for employment must remain actively employed in order to remain in compliance.

Also, individuals who are allowed entry to the United States on any kind of visa are expected to refrain from committing any acts which are considered illegal in the U.S. jurisdiction where they reside. Performance of a criminal act exposes the foreign citizen visa holder to the risk of deportation even if the immigrant is able to remain in compliance with all other provisions of the specific visa which he or she holds.

Too Much On the Line

To say the least, there is a lot on the line after someone is accused of a violation of immigration law. For U.S. citizens, their very reputations and freedoms are on the line, and for non U.S. citizens, it is the lives which they have worked so hard to build in the United States. This is why anyone who is accused of a violation of immigration law, whether a U.S. or foreign citizen, should seek the advice of experienced immigration legal counsel.

An immigration attorney, like any other type of attorney, can speak on behalf of the accused during interviews with law enforcement and at trial before a judge to ensure that the rights of the accused remain intact and that the accused is given the best opportunity to present a valid defense as possible.

Getting Legal Advice Before Allegations

Perhaps the best way to avoid immigration legal trouble is by seeking preemptive legal counsel. For American citizens involved in a business that hires and employs immigrants, an attorney can advise the citizen on his or her rights and responsibilities as they pertain to immigration law. For foreign citizens, knowing exactly what they are required to do in order to remain in compliance with visa requirements can potentially help the foreign citizen avoid the serious consequences of immigration law violations.