bigstock-Citizenship-documents-43205116Recent changes to American immigration policy directly affect the H-1B class of visa – fortunately, the changes are for the better.

Three Types of H-1B Visa

There are currently three different types of H-1B visa – the H-1B visa for individuals in occupations considered specialized, the H-1B2 DOD endorse for individuals working in research and development under the administration of the Department of Defense, and the H-1B3 endorse for fashion models.

H-1B Visa

To qualify for a visa under this category (H-1B), the job which you will be performing while under the endorse must be either one that requires the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree or higher as a minimum requirement to get the job, or a job which it is common for the industry to require a degree in order to perform, or a job that is so complex that it can only be accomplished by someone with a degree, or a job that is for an employer who usually requires a degree in order to be considered qualified for the job, or a job that is considered so complex and specialized that the attainment of the equivalent of a bachelor’s or higher is generally required in order to gain the knowledge necessary to perform the job.

As far as personal requirements, you must hold a bachelor’s or higher from a U.S. accredited college or university, or hold the foreign equivalent of a bachelor’s or higher in the field in which you will be employed, or hold a full and valid state license, certification, or registration to practice your profession in the state of intended employment, or have education, experience, or a history of progressive responsibility in your profession that would be considered to the equivalent to the completion of a degree and recognition of expertise within the profession.

H-1B2 Visa

To qualify for an H-1B2 DOD Researcher and Development Project Worker visa, the job which you will be performing under the endorse must be a certain kind of position administered by the U.S. Defense Department and that requires at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree to perform. The personal requirements which you will have to meet are the same as for the H-1B Visa.

H-1B3 Fashion Model Visa

To qualify for the H-1B3 Fashion Model visa, you have to work in a job that requires a prominent fashion model and you have to be a distinguished fashion model in both ability and merit.

Recent Changes

Recent changes made to immigration policies now allow the U.S. government to issue up to 155,000 H-1B series visas per year – which is up from 60,000 in previous years. Also, previous regulations prevented the spouses of H-1B visa holders from working; this restriction has also been lifted, and spouses of H-1B visas may now seek lawful employment in the U.S.

An Attorney Can Help

Applying for any kind of visa from the government can be a lengthy and confusing process. For best results, you are encouraged to contact an experienced immigration attorney for help.

The attorney will review any pertinent facts to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications for the visa and, if so, will complete all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf.