So, you’re in love, and you want to get married, great news! However, getting married when you’re a US citizen and your beloved is a foreign national can be complicated if you do not know where to start. Before you start planning a wedding, here are some things you should know about filing for a fiancé visa according to our fiancé visa attorneys.

What’s the Waiting Period for Fiancé Visa?

There are certain procedures that must be adhered to when you want your fiancé to come to the United States for your wedding. Sometimes, the process is completed in a few months. In extreme cases, people have waited one or two years or more. Each case is different, and the waiting period often varies.

What’s the Average Time it Takes for K1 Visa?

From start to finish, most couples will get a fiancé visa granted between six months to a year. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision to grant a fiancé visa, and the waiting period is dependent on those factors, especially when complications arise.

Can My Fiancé Come to the US and Live While We are Waiting?

It is very important to remember that your fiancé must have the K-1 fiancé visa in hand before they can live or work in the US. It’s crucial that you know the rules and regulations, and that you abide by them so that you do not jeopardize your case going forward.

What Can Delay or Jeopardize Our Application?

If any of the security checks or background checks come back with issues, this can delay the application until those issues are resolved. Before you submit your application, make sure it is complete and that any requested documentation is included. It pays to double check, since your application may be delayed if your paperwork is not in order.

Is There Anything That Can Make the Process Faster?

Sometimes, the embassy or consulate that your fiancé needs to go to for the K-1 Visa interview is very busy, and the wait for an interview may take some time. If you’re in luck, then the consulate that you apply to does not have a long wait period. This is hit or miss, as you cannot control where you are called to interview.

Where Can We Get Help in Obtaining a Fiancé Visa?

If the process seems overwhelming, or if you’re not sure what documentation is required to apply, then it’s a good idea to hire an immigration attorney to guide you through the process. A good lawyer will help identify any issues that may occur and give you guidance on how to deal with those issues and avoid possible delays.

Once your fiancé has been granted the K-1 Visa, you have 90 days to get married once they enter the United States. A green card is not automatically granted after the marriage takes place.Your fiancé must apply for an “adjustment of status” to apply for a resident green card and work authorization.

Congratulations on your engagement, and best wishes for a beautiful wedding here in the United States!

For more information, speak our fiancé visa lawyers.