The EB5 Investment visa program, which was launched in the 1990s as a way to attract foreign money onto U.S. soil, has helped inject billions of dollars into America’s economy and financially hard hit industries.  The plan offers an EB5 investment visa to foreign investors who invest the minimum required amount into a qualifying U.S. venture, with qualifying amounts historically required to be at least $500,000 in a specified, hard hit industry or at least $1,000,000 in any other.

EB5 Investment Visa Information for Entrepreneurs

The EB5 investment visa isn’t just a good option for foreign citizens looking for U.S. residency and eventual citizenship, it has also helped American entrepreneurs who otherwise would have been unable to get funding from other sources in order to get their ideas off the ground.  However, in order to attract the right kind of investor, the right kind of business plan is needed.

Self Write or Outsource?

If they are serious about getting the funding for a profession or project, entrepreneurs are encouraged to outsource the job of business plan writing to a business plan professional with specific experience in EB5 investments.

Along with the nuts and bolts of the proposed profession idea, foreign investors will want to be told specific information as it relates to them and their chances for being awarded an EB5 investment visa.  Some of the rules of the program require an investment to be made into a valid U.S. business, into a new profession  that will create at least 10 jobs for qualifying U.S. workers or into an existing business that will grow the business by 40%, either in size of employee workforce or in the business’ net worth.  Failure to meet these strict requirements can lead to a foreign investor being denied an EB5 investment visa, which, as the ultimate reason for making an investment through the EB5 program, will be of utmost importance to EB5 investors.

A professional who understands and has worked with EB5 investors / investees in the past are in the best position to craft a profession plan that has the highest chance of convincing a foreign investor to spend their money on a particular U.S. based entrepreneur.

Other Business Plan Information

Along with including information specific to the foreign investor’s situation, a winning profession plan will include the ins and outs of how a profession plans on using an investor’s money.  Even though most investors who choose to invest through the EB5 investment visa program are more concerned with getting a visa than actual rates of return, it is still important for entrepreneurs to show foreign investors that they indeed have the knowledge and plans to make a business a success.

Finding Investors

Entrepreneurs who are interested in connecting with potential investors can contact a local EB5 attorney for leads on foreign investors who may be looking for an opportunity to invest.  Once a connection is made, the attorney can act as a go-between for either party to make sure the entire investment process goes as smoothly as possible.