In November, after more than a year of Congressional delays and false starts, President Obama announced an administrative action to fix some of the damage being done by our nation’s broken migration system.

The President’s executive action will offer relief that takes into account the need to help businesses, keep families together, and alleviate some of the daily tragedies that our broken migration system engenders. If you’re in the Las Vegas area and you need to apply for deferred action – or if you have any other immigration concerns – speak immediately with our experienced Las Vegas immigration lawyers.

Observers on all sides agree that President Obama has taken bold steps to begin changing our broken migration system and keeping his promises to immigrants and their families. Presidents from both parties have taken similar measures for decades.

In fact, in 1990, the first President Bush gave a blanket deferral of enforcement to 40 percent of the undocumented immigrant population at that time. However, President Obama’s plan does not fix all of the problems with America’s current immigration system; in fact, it’s only a stopgap measure. It does, however, temporarily protect qualified immigrants while giving Congress a chance to step up and approve comprehensive immigration reform.

The situation regarding border security remains unclear. Despite deploying unprecedented amounts of manpower, resources, and technology to secure the nation’s border, the Obama administration is still increasing the buildup of resources there. Along with the border buildup, the administration has substantially expanded family detention and deportations, sometimes in violation of U.S. humanitarian and asylum law.

A number of details are still to be determined, so if you’re confused, you aren’t alone. If you are an immigrant, documented or undocumented, with any questions or concerns regarding details of the president’s plan, promptly have a good migration lawyer answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer legal advice you can trust regarding your personal situation.

If you employ immigrants in the Las Vegas area and want to know how the changes impact your business and hiring practices, you should also speak as quickly as possible to an experienced Las Vegas immigration lawyer. Immigration law is complicated; don’t hesitate to take advantage of the help that’s available by arranging to speak with a good immigration attorney immediately.