The MC Law Group Scholarships – $500 Each

2017 Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships Sponsored by the MC Law Group

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The two $500 MC Law Group Scholarships were created this year for students who are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and are attending either undergraduate or graduate school.

There are two $500 scholarships available:

  • – For a high school student on DACA who is attending college in any major; and
  • – For a high school or college student on DACA who is attending or planning to attend law school.

The founder of these scholarships at the MC Law Group strongly believes in immigrating to the United States to improve their quality of life by getting a high-quality education. They are very pleased to offer these two DACA scholarships to high achieving individuals who want to live the American Dream through higher education. These scholarships will be offered each spring starting in 2017.

The MC Law Group is pleased and honored to offer these scholarships to successful, young immigrants to the US, and they look forward to reading your submissions

MC Law Group Scholarships Requirements

We encourage you to apply for this scholarship if:

  • – You are on DACA
  • – You are 18 or older
  • – You are attending or are planning to attend either undergraduate or graduate school
  • – You have not made more than $35,000 in the last 365 days
  • – Have an active email address.

MC Law Group Scholarships Essay Topics

All MC Law Group scholarship applicants must write an essay from 1,000 to 3,000 words on one of the following topics:

  • – What has been the most challenging aspect of being a young immigrant to the US?
  • – How do you intend to become a successful and productive American citizen?
  • – What are your career plans in the first 5 years after you leave college?
  • – Who is the most important figure in human history in your opinion and why?

Essay Submission Guidelines

Your essay needs to be thoughtful, informative, and original. We also expect it to be in Microsoft Word format and be from 1,000 to 3,000 words. No spelling or grammatical errors, please. It should be single spaced and typed.

Video Essay Option

If you would like to create and submit a video essay instead of a written essay you may do so. Videos must be 3 to 10 minutes in length and of high quality. The audio and video quality is important, so do not choose this option if you are not equipped with the right equipment. Please include your name in the title of the video or in the file name. When submitting your video, you may submit the video itself or submit to us a link to where the video is housed.

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How to Apply:

  • – Carefully read all eligibility criteria.
  • – Choose a topic.
  • – Write your essay or create a video.
  • – Submit your application to the email address listed below.
  • – Share your submission on your social media profiles.
  • – Monitor your email inbox for the winner announcement.
  • – Every essay submission must be emailed to this address. Please include this address on your safe email list so that announcements do not get sent to your spam folder. Your essay submission should include your name, age, phone, and mailing address.

How We Select the Winners

The winners of the MC Law Group Scholarships will be selected within one week after the deadline passes. The winner will be informed by email.


The winners of these two $500 scholarships will be recognized on the MC Law Group corporate website for one year. Winners will be required to submit to us a 500 word bio a headshot photo.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Submissions for the $500 MC Law Group Scholarships will be accepted till June 1, 2017.

Additional Information

If you have any further questions, please send an email to: with the subject: “MC Law Group Scholarship Inquiry”.

Questions About The MC Law Scholarships:

If I am the winner, how will I get the scholarship funds?

The winner will receive the funds in the mail.

Is it possible to apply for this scholarship multiple times?

No. We will only accept one submission per person.

If my video is less than 10 minutes, will I be penalized?

No. The only requirement is that the video must be a minimum of 3 minutes.

Do I have to cite any sources referenced in my essay?

No. However all submissions will be checked for plagiarism, so please be advised that any plagiarism will not be accepted. Please keep a record of sources used.

Is it possible to update my application and reapply?

You are free to update your application and reapply, as long as it is before June 1, 2017. However, we only accept 1 submission per person.

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Can I still apply if I don’t have an e-mail address?

No, you cannot apply without an e-mail address. We suggest creating a free account with the many options available online like Gmail.




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