Las Vegas is not all fun and games! There is another side of this city that isn’t often experienced by visitors. Institutions of higher learning are also present in Las Vegas; they include trade schools, public or private colleges, and universities for students earning all types of degrees. Anyone who qualifies for admission is offered a quality education in their field of interest. Here are some of them:

Brightwood College in Las Vegas, Nevada

This college was known as Kaplan College before changing its name to Brightwood College in June 2008. They focus on assisting their students to excel in education. They offer diploma and degree courses to students who want to join certain careers or seek to advance in their current professions. This institute for advanced learning is close to the famed strip in Las Vegas. At Brightwood College, you will be guided towards achieving your goal in your chosen career. The college offers health and nursing programs, where students are encouraged to interact and gain practical knowledge and experience with coursework and clinical hours. Guests are frequently invited to speak to students about developments in the health sector and help prepare students for their future careers.

University of Nevada Las Vegas

University of Nevada gained status as a respectable research center and for their unrivaled economic expertise. Currently, the rate of admission is higher than other universities. With the rising number of applicants to this academic giant, only 55% are admitted, so students interested in attending need to perfect their application to stand out. Learning resources are accessible to all students, and they can be accessed in a classroom or online. Small class sizes ensure the professor knows who you are, your strengths, and what you would want to achieve in life after graduating. University of Nevada offers various degrees in liberal arts, sciences, nursing, and education. The university awards scholarships to some groups and qualified students on merit.

Sierra Nevada College

This private college is the only one of its kind in Nevada; it is a four-year academic hub with a reputation for outstanding higher education. The college is in Incline Village, Nevada. Sierra Nevada’s faculties have esteemed degree programs to prepare you for the job market. With more than 29 majors to choose from, students have lots of options at Sierra Nevada. These majors include finance, digital art, entrepreneurship, biology, and more. There are Masters degrees available in education, creative writing, and arts. Sierra Nevada College offers scholarships to athletes on merit; those who need financial assistance can get help from the Horatio Alger Association. Students who are studying fine arts and looking for financial aid can apply for a scholarship by filling the Aubrey application form available on the college website.

Sierra Nevada College has a well-equipped lab for sciences close to Lake Tahoe. Students are expected to attend academic symposiums, participate in doing research, and they are given access to art studios without limitations.

Get your Degree in Las Vegas

Whether you want to advance in your current profession or you just want to build a strong foundation for your career, education is the way to do it. There’s no shortage of colleges or universities in Las Vegas, find a degree program that you are interested in and start your new career.